My name is Jocelyn, and I am a writer.

The only certainty I've ever had in life is that I wanted to be a writer, and since 2010, every day has been a dream come true. I enjoy carefully crafting a narrative to take my readers on a journey of discovery, with the hope that they will come out on the other side with a new understanding of the world. 

My career has taken me from a dusty intern desk at Syracuse University Press, where I sharpened my communication skills while writing emails to esteemed authors and celebrated professors as well as writers whose proposals didn't make the cut, to the salt mines of an agency environment at Virtucom Group, where I learned how to fluidly move between diverse clients to craft enticing B2C content. 

In my time at NextAdvisor, I climbed the ranks from Content Writer to Assistant Editor, taking on more responsibility while maintaining my reputation for being a reliable writer capable of producing carefully-crafted, detailed, impeccably researched content on deadline. Other skills I picked up along the way include social media engagement, email marketing, engagement analytics, and public speaking via live radio interviews on topics within my expertise. I managed the weekly email newsletter, working closely with two writers to ensure each week's production ran smoothly and resulted in a newsletter up to our standards.

I thrive on learning about new topics and getting to the bottom of questions so I can give people the insight and facts they need to make decisions and understand more about their world and themselves. As an editor, I am able to use my eagle eyes to spot the smallest error while also looking at the bigger picture to help writers bring their work and skills to the next level. No matter what, my goal is to never stop learning and always find room for improvement.