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Citi Issuing Refunds to 1.75 Million U.S. Accounts: Will You Get One?

We sometimes take it for granted that the banks and other financial institutions we do business with have our best interests at heart, or are at least following the legal guidelines set out for them, but unfortunately that is not always the case. This was proven in recent years with the Wells Fargo scandal, which exposed the creation of millions of fake accounts under consumers’ real names, as well as the Equifax debacle that is still slowly unraveling. Now, it’s Citigroup’s turn to issue apolog

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How to Stay Out of Holiday Debt This Season - NextAdvisor Blog

The last few months of every year bring about good cheer, gifting and gorging on sumptuous spreads surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, all of this can lead people to spend far more than their budget allows, and when the last of the turkey leftovers has been eaten and the final piece of New Year’s Eve confetti has been swept into the dustbin, reality comes knocking in the form of a credit card or bank statement.

What is Credit Health?

We talk a lot about credit health on our personal finance blog, but you might find yourself wondering what exactly we mean by this term. Whether you’re a total novice when it comes to matters of credit or you are simply seeking a deeper understanding of the topic, this post will help you understand the meaning of credit health as well as answer some of the most common questions, so you don’t miss any steps toward improving or maintaining your credit.

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Do Balance Transfers Have a Deadline?

The primary attraction of a balance transfer credit card is the year or more of 0% intro APR that allows you to move existing debt from other credit cards and avoid interest. As with most financial transactions, though, there are some rules to be aware of before you dive right in. One of the little-discussed aspects of 0% intro APR balance transfer credit cards is the fact that there is usually a deadline in which you need to conduct the balance transfer to take advantage of the 0% intro APR off

Best American Express Credit Cards - NextAdvisor Blog

American Express offers a wide selection of credit cards, so chances are whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s a card that’s right for you — whether you’re a small business owner looking to make the most out of your expenses, a large family that wants to earn cash back on all of those groceries you buy every month or a travel junkie who could use a solid travel rewards credit card in their wallet.