I am a Midwestern-bred, New York-trained writer living in the SF Bay Area with a passion for proper comma placement, digging into the details of a story, and learning something new every day. I bring 8+ years of experience to the table, with a little bit of everything including social media, copywriting in freelance and agency settings, news reporting, marketing blogs, research articles, radio interviews, editing, and more. Besides writing, I'm in love with my cat Salem, coffee, horror pop culture, and burritos.

Navigation will take you through some highlights of my top work across a range of styles and categories of writing. I change up what's posted from time to time, since fresh content is important, and I always want to showcase my best. If you're dead set on seeing everything I've ever written... well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's not possible. However, you can visit my author page on the NextAdvisor blog to see everything since 2013. My personal writing exploits can be found at https://noiselessjoy.com/