Although finance and cybersecurity have been my bread-and-butter for much of my professional career, I also have a soft spot for lifestyle copy -- the punnier, the better. Highlights below, in PDF form as they are no longer live on, include articles about online dating, holiday photo cards, and a couple of highlights from the now-defunct Annual Diet Taste Test (which I ran from 2014-2015). 

Online Dating

Holiday Photo Cards

Dieting & the NextAdvisor Annual Diet Taste Test

One of my favourite projects at NextAdvisor, which I spearheaded during 2014-2015, was the annual diet food taste test. This involved the entire office blind-testing food from a number of the diet delivery services reviewed on to determine which reigned supreme. This time-intensive project involved coordinating orders, setting up an efficient tasting process that ensured the testers sampled the food similarly across the board, and tallying the results. Afterward, I was tasked with writing several articles and updating the site content itself (e.g., reviews, a results page) accordingly.